Chaya Shurkin isn’t your conventional nail artist; she’s a force in her own right. With unparalleled talent, unbridled passion, and unwavering dedication, she has soared to become one of Jersey City’s most sought-after nail artists. Her distinctive style, a blend of whimsy and wearability, has cultivated a devoted clientele and a legion of admirers.

A Journey of Passion and Discovery

Chaya’s affinity for fashion, art, and beauty manifested early in her life. Her experimental nature led her to play with diverse looks and styles until she stumbled upon her knack for nail art. During her college days in Jersey City, she dabbled in artistry while working at a local nail salon, honing her skills and immersing herself in the industry.


The Rise to Fame: A Trailblazing Nail Art Sensation

The allure of Chaya’s nail art swiftly captured Instagram’s attention, fostering a dedicated following eager to book appointments with her. Her repertoire of designs spans from neon micro-French tips to delicate hearts and dots, becoming the go-to choice for Jersey City’s populace.


Unleashing Creativity: Pushing Boundaries and Embracing Experimentation

Chaya’s artistic fervor knows no bounds. Her penchant for experimenting with textures, shapes, and heights birthed awe-inspiring designs—shimmery, iridescent nails adorned with glitter, bedazzled manis, and water droplet sets, pushing the envelope and inspiring others to follow suit.


A Visual Feast on Instagram: Where Trends Meet Innovation

Her Instagram account paints a canvas of sleek, stunning nail art—vivid colors, captivating accents, and unexpected shapes. Chaya masterfully intertwines trendy patterns like cow prints and vintage florals into modern manicures, showcasing her prowess in creating captivating nail designs.


The Evolution: From Business Management to Nail Artistry

Chaya’s trajectory to becoming a nail artist wasn’t a linear path. Initially studying business management and eyeing a career as an accountant, her love for nail art swayed her heart. Within a year of acquiring her license, she launched her own nail salon, an instant hit that marked the beginning of her ascension.


Industry Recognition and Collaboration

As her reputation burgeoned, brands sought her for collaborations, leveraging her expertise to educate fellow nail technicians on techniques. Her foray into fashion magazine photoshoots catapulted her into more opportunities and a growing list of clients.


Artistry with a Purpose: Creating Nail Designs That Speak Volumes

Chaya’s hallmark lies in crafting clean, sophisticated manicures with an unexpected twist. She effortlessly sculpts stunning stiletto nails in subtle tones while venturing into the realm of 3D looks. What sets her apart is her ability to integrate the manicure seamlessly into her client’s overall appearance—harmonizing it with their wardrobe, hair, and makeup.


The Artistic Exclamation Point: Chaya’s Signature

Chaya’s nail art isn’t merely an accent; it’s the exclamation point that punctuates and perfects the entire look—a testament to her attention to detail and holistic approach to beauty.


The Luminary of Jersey City’s Nail Art Scene

Chaya Shurkin stands as a rising star in the nail art world, captivating clients and fans alike with her matchless style and an innate ability to transform manicures into a comprehensive fashion statement. With her unbridled creativity and fervor, the industry can anticipate Chaya Shurkin’s continued impact for years to come.

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